Innovation, beauty, elegance, sustainability, professionalism are the basis on which our works rest on.

Gianluca Centurani Studio is a professional team with first level competences in each sector of design, with particular care for gracefulness of the final project.

Each stage of creative process, both that more imaginative and artistic and that more technical, is studied and made to be functioning and integrated to the others. The mixture of our qualifications allows us to follow the commission in its every perspective - design stage, interior design stage, supervision of works and site safety during construction phase.

The completeness and the joint of our internal structure allows us to conceive aesthetic and technological solutions which are innovative, modern and cutting-edge, through interactions and synergies among the several languages of architecture, engineering and design, to satisfy our customers in terms of aesthetic, energy and economic.

This organization of work is starting from the idea of the founder of the studio, Gianluca Centurani, that has always conceived the building organism as integration rather than as sum of its parts, by engaging in this way several knowledge.

"From the spoon to the town" is a famous slogan coined by Walter Gropius that embodies in full Gianluca Centurani's philosophy of business. Professional inspired to consider the creative origin of the project with a unique approach, architect able to express himself at differing scales of intervention, Gianluca also focused on design, by creating high-quality and totally innovative objects, keeping univocal his expressive language.