San Pietro's Cathedral

Architetti [Agosto-Settembre 2011]

Maggioli Editore

Architetti magazine published by Maggioli Editore dedicates Restoration section of the issue of August-September 2011 to the completion of the restoration of the pictorial and plastic devices of the San Pietro Apostolo Cathedral in Alessandria according to the project of Studio Gianluca Centurani. The new intervention inserted in Cities and Cathedrals program is made possible by public and private funding. The project now expected in the cathedral in Alessandria dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle will complete the restoration cycle. Interventions will be operated in seven chapels and the general review of some of the factory that have suffered damage due to old water seepage from the shell and to the phenomena of rising dump. The goal is to enhance the decorative phase due to the intervention of Morgari and Boasso. This choice is dictated by the recognition of this phase as the most homogeneous and complete, keeping naturally, where they exist, the previous decorations of Gamba and Costa still present, for example, in the dome of the Cathedral itself and the dome of the Chapel of Our Lady of Liberation. The so completely restored Cathedral will be fully operational at any accessibility both of a religious nature and touristic.