San Giuseppe's chapel - Work in cathedral

Il Piccolo - Alessandria [2 Marzo 2012]

Il Piccolo - Alessandria

The newspaper "Il Piccolo" of Alessandria followed the work of restoration of the Cathedral of Alessandria. The Chapel of St. Joseph, a quadrangular format, surmounted by an octagonal dome, is the largest chapel and is in the transept. On the back wall is placed the polychrome marble altar surmounted by a statue of St. Joseph in white marble, work of Parodi. Above the altar it is one of the three lunettes painted by Morgari. The other two lunettes are on the right and left walls; all surfaces present us decorations of Boasso. The investigations carried out under the direction of Gianluca Centurani Studio have found that while the dome was in fairly good condition, degradation had massively affected areas under the dome, in particular the back wall and the side walls, with considerable damage caused by water seepage.