San Giuseppe's chapel - San Pietro's cathedral

Architetti [Marzo-Aprile 2012]

Maggioli Editore

It continues the interest of the editors of Architetti published by Maggioli Editore which dedicates Restoration section of the issue of March-April 2012 to the construction site of the restoration of the pictorial and plastic devices of San Pietro Apostolo Cathedral in Alessandria according to the project of Gianluca Centurani Studio. The Chapel of St. Joseph, a quadrangular format, surmounted by an octagonal dome, is the largest chapel and is in the transept. On the back wall is placed the polychrome marble altar surmounted by a statue of St. Joseph in white marble, work of Parodi. Above the altar it is one of the three lunettes painted by Morgari. The other two lunettes are on the right and left walls; all surfaces present us decorations of Boasso. The investigations carried out under the direction of Gianluca Centurani Studio have found that while the dome was in fairly good condition, degradation had massively affected areas under the dome, in particular the back wall and the side walls, with considerable damage caused by water seepage. The restoration of the painted surfaces. It proceeded with a first cleaning stage with delicate techniques, to safeguard the frescoes, followed by injections of acrylic emulsion in aqueous solution in order to allow the re-adhesion of the paint layers detached. It accomplishes, therefore, the pre-consolidation by percussion of all the points in which the original plaster was detached from "arriccio" or from the building support and the subsequent sealing of the margins of the lesions of the plaster, in order to create closed pockets between the wall and finishing, in which is injected specific mortar whose homogeneous grip is guaranteed by a pressing procedure. In situations of strong detachments, they operate with anchorages at points with fine fiberglass bars of different diameter which are fixed with epoxy resins between the ends of the two surfaces of the detached supports.   The lighting project. As mentioned in the issue 11-12/2011, the complete restoration of the building's usability is also responsible for the lighting project of the chapels. The lighting study involved especially the Chapel of St. Joseph, as it is one of the largest. They have chosen to install linear LED elements along the guidelines directing them to the soffit of the dome in order to create a diffuse ambient lighting, placing them side by side with iodides spotlights (identical to those already present in the Cathedral) headed down that intensify the entrance and the altar lighting. It will be standardized the color temperature and the yield of all the side chapels already restored and illuminated. The new lighting will allow you to enjoy the pictorial and decorative elements that the restoration will allow to recover, returning to the worshipper the entire completely restored Cathedral.