From a two-room apartment to a loft

Architetti Ottobre 2011 [Ottobre 2011]

Maggioli Editore

Architetti magazine published by Maggioli Editore devotes a section of Interior Architecture of the issue October 2011 to the conversion of a two-room apartment in a loft according to the project of Gianluca Centurani Studio. The synergistic application of planning expertise has allowed us to put in perfect relationship indoor environments with predefined cardinal guidelines of the existing outer casing, resulting window areas of double height that would enable perfect illumination in winter seasons and proper shading in hot weather, to smooth out the perception of volumes and of course create truly comfortable and welcoming environment for the users. The original cramped two-room apartment downstairs is converted into one living room that welcomes at the entrance who, with surprise, discovers this work of interior architecture made in an anonymous small-town condominium. In deliberately hidden position we find the area for preparation of ​​the foods to which it is placed side by side the dining area, while in the center is placed the living room, main place of socialization and literary salon.