Former Briquette Factory

Architetti [5 Luglio 2011]

Maggioli Editore

Architetti magazine published by Maggioli Editore celebrates the announcement of the international design competition with the publication of the project of Gianluca Centurani Studio. The issue pf 5 July 2011 traces the innovative features of the post industrial complex converted to house the auctioneer's executive offices, designed by Gianluca Centurani Studio, highlighting expertly architectural quality integrated with targeted technical quality aimed at cutting the use of fossil energy resources. The recovery of the historical and of great architectural interest artifact of the former briquette factory takes origin from the combination of new elements that well satisfy the eco-sustainable building principles set among the objectives of the announcement, without diminishing or altering the image and value of the historic building. Conceptual starting point are the bio-compatibility criteria, intended as comfort and health for end users and environmental sustainability, that is low impact on the environment at all stages of the product life, from production to disposal. The study of georeferencing of the intervention area and the analysis of the solar paths led to determine the exploitable areas for the installation of thermal and photovoltaic systems to which follows the volumetric definition of the intervention.