Condensing thermal power plant for the interdiocesan seminary - Betania (AL) - Italy

  • Betania, Valmadonna (AL)
  • 2009

Substitution of old liquid fuel boilers with new condensing generators.


Taking advantage of the irreparable damage to one of the two old liquid fuel boilers serving the interdiocesan seminary Maria Vergine del Cenacolo around Casa Betania in Valmadonna (AL), the five dioceses of Acqui, Alessandria, Asti, Casale Monferrato and Tortona have approved the implementation of a new high energy efficiency system.


So we have operated for dismantling the old thermal power station, for installing a modern unit made up of seven cascading condensing boilers and for rationalising the thrusters and domestic hot water systems putting an end to the innumerable inconveniences for the insufficiency of the latter.